About District

Washim is located in the eastern region of Vidharbha. Akola lies to its north, Amravati lies to its north-east, Hingoli lies to its south, Buldhana lies to its west, Yavatmal lies to its east. River Penganga is the main river of the district. It flows through the Tehsil of Risod. Later it flows through the boundary of Washim and Hingoli districts. River Kas is the main tributary of Penganga. River Kas meets Penganga about 1 km from the village of Shelgaon Rajgure. River Arunavati and its tributaries originate in the Tehsil of Washim and them flows through the tehsils of Mangrul Pir and Manora into the district of Yavatmal. River Katepurna originates in the hilly areas of the district and flows northwards through the tehsil of Malegaon and enters the Akola district

श्री.संजय राठोड मा.मंत्री (अन्न व औषध प्रशासन विभाग) तथा पालकमंत्री वाशिम जिल्हा महाराष्ट्र राज्य.
Shri. Sanjay Rathod Hon'ble Minister ( Soil and Water Conservation Department ) and Guardian Minister Washim District State of Maharashtra.
जिल्हाधिकारी, वाशिम.
Smt. Buveneswari S. (I.A.S.) Collector & District Magistrate


  • Citizen's Call center - 155300
  • Mental Health Information and Counseling Toll Free No. - 14416
  • Child Helpline - 1098
  • Women Helpline - 1091
  • Crime Stopper - 1090