Washim District History

WASHIM Created just a few years ago, Washim district is already making its presence felt. It has great pilgrimage past. Devotees believe that Tirupati’s Lord Balaji comes here for resting after the harvest. Shreekshetra Pohradevi is known as Kashi of Banjara community. In ancient times, it was the capital of King Wakatak, also known as Vatsagulm. During British regime, Washim acquired the status of a district due to its strategic location. Hemadpanthi temples and numerous ponds have made the district famous.

Important Historical Places in Washim District


The temple of Balaji at Washim is a considerbly old temple and was Constructed by Bhavani Kalu, who rose to be the ” Diwan” of Sabaji Bhosle & Janoji Bhosle. The temple was constructed in 1779 AD. Large number of devottes visits this holy place.